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6 Women to Follow On Twitter

Everyone is always looking for new people to follow on Twitter.  In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve chosen six women who, frankly, are winning Twitter.

Kimberly Bryant

Founder of Black Girls Code, a non-profit that aims to grow technology education among African-American  girls, Bryant is simply a force and keeps it more than 100 on Twitter.

Kimberly Bryant on Twitter

Also for the record it was a couple of moments after giving birth that I knew unequivocally that I could do ANYTHING in the world. Truth


Jeannie Gaffigan

Much more than the wife of comedian Jim Gaffigan, Jeannie Gaffigan is the showrunner behind The Jim Gaffigan Show.  She also might be funnier than Jim.

Jeannie Gaffigan on Twitter

I don't mean to brag, but when we went into OT, I kinda predicted that either the Patriots or the Falcons were going to win #SuperBowl


Jenny Johnson

Johnson is a comedy writer who never seems to not have the best one-liners ever.

Jenny Johnson on Twitter

Each time you take a screenshot of someone's social media post or picture and send it to others making fun of them an angel gets her period.


Megan Amram

We can’t figure out which is more popular:  Amram’s tweets or her amazing profile picture.

Megan Amram on Twitter

New term for when your friend won't respond to your texts = "The Casper" (friendly ghost)


Sarah Beattie

It was difficult to find an example tweet from Beattie that was sans swearing, but we think we captured the essence of the Saturday Night Live’s contributor’s Twitter.

Sarah Beattie on Twitter

when I see a girl tie a cherry stem with her tongue I put a whole fish in my mouth and pull out the skeleton then I leave with her boyfriend


Shonda Rhimes

Let’s be honest:  It’s Shonda’s world, and we’re just living in it, but our favorite thing about her Twitter is how she live tweets during her shows.  Surprise!  Her commentary is ALWAYS on point.

shonda rhimes on Twitter

Um. It's ALWAYS horrifying when an ex calls you out of the blue. But when your ex is Tom Larsen?...You better run for the hills. #Scandal



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