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Was Taylor Swift Carried Out Of Her Apartment In A Suitcase?

The internet seems to think so. 

According to Stereogum's source, this suitcase was heavily guarded and leaving Taylor Swift's Tribeca Apartment, and now people believe that Taylor Swift might actually be in this suitcase.

Stereogum on Twitter

is Taylor Swift in this suitcase or nah https://t.co/EXiPD50PEh


The internet seems to think it's a possibility considering that no Paparazzi photos have been taken of TS quite recently.

Calvin on Twitter

I really need to know if this story about Taylor Swift hiding in a suitcase is real. I need it to be real.

Alex Abad-Santos on Twitter

there is no story i want to be more true than taylor swift being packed in a suitcase

Cᴏɴᴏʀ Aʀᴘᴡᴇʟ???? on Twitter

Me: I'm so over celebrity gossip Twitter: Taylor Swift was spotted being carried out of her house in a suitcase Me:

kelvin on Twitter

L isten if taylor swift wants to sneak out of her house in a suitcase i fully support that it's her way of getting back at the media

Mikasa on Twitter

Was this suitcase once owned by Mary Poppins? I don't understand how a 5'10 Taylor Swift could be hiding in it otherwise. (but I'm hoping!!)

Hannah Orenstein on Twitter

I've never been more certain of anything in my life. Taylor Swift *IS* hiding in that suitcase.


If Taylor really is inside this suitcase, I'm pretty sure she just one-upped Lady Gaga in the weirdest travel mode of all time.

Nick Stone on Twitter

When you're Lady Gaga in an egg https://t.co/RznCUb6Zq0


Amy Cooper is a pop culture writer that sometimes questions her sanity when writing stories like this.