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6 Books and Websites to Help Your Kids Deal with Bullies

Unfortunately, bullying can become a major part of a child's school experience. Whether they're dealing with bullies personally or are trying to help a friend who's facing the issue, knowing how to talk to kids about bullying is essential for parents.

Here are some books and resources that can help students of all ages move past bullying and enjoy their time at school.


This book is perfect for preschool-aged children, and has been beloved by young readers for years. It was named a Notable Book for Children by the American Library Association.

The Recess Queen

If you're looking to teach your kids tactics for coping with bullying on their own before bringing in a teacher or counselor, this is the book to turn to. It tells the story of Mean Jean, and how the dynamics at recess positively improve when a new girl arrives at school.

The Juice Box Bully

Even if your kids aren't dealing directly with bullying, they should know what to do when they witness it happening. This book teaches them how to intervene and help out fellow classmates who are dealing with it firsthand.

Queen Bees and Wannabes

This book inspired the movie Mean Girls and is a powerful tool for middle and high school students, as well as their parents, when it comes to dealing with girl-on-girl bullying. It talks about everything from cliques to social media harassment.

Facebook Bullying Center

Kids can get tips on managing cyber bullying on Facebook as well as on other social media sites.

StopBullying.gov is another useful resource center for parents, students, and educators looking for ways to cope with bullies at school.



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