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5 Bizarre/Awesome William Shatner Classic Rock Covers

Believe it or not, William Shatner turns 87 today (March 22), and while he’s best known as Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise, another one of his stellar claims to fame are his spoken-word covers. 

In honor of Shatner, here are five of our favorite classic rock covers from his iconic “Rocket Man” to his lesser-known cover of Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit In The Sky” with Peter Frampton.

“Rocket Man”

William Shatner "Sings" 'Rocket Man' (1978) - BEST QUALITY!

From The Science Fiction Film Awards, William Shatner's unforgettable performance of Elton John's "Rocket Man", which recently inspired President Donald Trump's nickname of Kim Jong Un, Grand Poobah of North Korea. Includes Karen Black's introduction of Bernie Taupin, and Taupin's introduction of Shatner. Rock-It, Man...

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

William Shatner

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“Space Oddity”

William Shatner - Space Oddity

From his 2011 album, Seeking Major Tom

“Spirit In The Sky”

Spirit In The Sky - William Shatner and Peter Frampton

No Description

“She Blinded Me With Science”

William Shatner She Blinded me with science

No Description


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