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Was It Yanny Or Laurel? The Man Who Recorded It Finally Weighs In!

Just like the dress argument, the Yanny / Laurel took an argument to the internet with votes and posts of everyone deciphering what they heard.

Finally, the man who recorded the audio speaks up on what he actually was saying! Broadway actor Jay Aubrey Jones shared that he recorded the audio back in 2007 as part of a pronunciation exercise for He told TIME that he recorded his batch of words "and I thought that was that."

Well, while a student was listening to the word online, she asked her friends what they heard when listening to the word "Laurel," and it sparked an insane viral sensation.

According to TIME, "The speaker himself says that he is, largely, on Team Laurel. 'More often than not, I hear ‘laurel,'' Jones said. 'I can hear a slight trace of ‘yanny.'”

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What do you hear?! Yanny or Laurel


You hear that folks? It's LAUREL!