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Hasn't MTV Learned That Madonna Doesn't Give Honorable Tributes?


Many people aren't happy with Madonna's tribute to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, as she took the stage at the MTV VMA Awards, and in very Madonna-like fashion, made the tribute all about her, rather than Aretha.

Last time Madonna did a tribute for someone's passing, it was for Prince, and that didn't go so hot either, so we're wondering why MTV would bring Madonna back to do another tribute, let alone one that caused a longer-than-5-minute speech that left everyone a long bathroom break at the MOST.  And let's not forget to point out the cultural appropriation costume that Madonna had on while doing all of this.

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Though it is a thought that Aretha died on Madonna's birthday, and just maybe it really did rattle Madge, but honestly, this is on MTV for screwing this one up yet again, and I don't feel the least sorry for the social media manager who has to read all the comments from Twitter regarding this:

Brittany Stephanis on Twitter

Me: It's weird that #Madonna is doing a tribute to Aretha Franklin, but what's the worst that could happen? Madonna: https://t.co/DvfueYKgCu


Jeff J. on Twitter

Madonna really gentrified an entire tribute to Aretha with more anecdotes than a Presidential candidate. You gotta be kidding me... #VMAs



C Δ L Σ B ???? on Twitter

THIS is the #VMAs version of an Aretha tribute? Madonna's backstory? https://t.co/IIB01CojAg


April on Twitter

Madonna ruined the Prince Tribute on the Billboard Awards in 2016. Madonna ruined the Aretha Tribute on the #VMAs in 2018. I really never want to see her again. Ever. https://t.co/rp6QCql3aR



SHR3D on Twitter

Me coming for whoever approved of Madonna doing the Aretha Franklin tribute. #VMAs https://t.co/sX9UMhfuQB


Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi on Twitter

If it wasn't for Aretha, we wouldn't have Madonna"- Madonna


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Ernest Owens on Twitter

Camila Cabello got on her knees and praised Madonna and dedicated her undeserved Video of the Year award to her......after Madonna just gave a self-indulgent "tribute" to Aretha Franklin. And that describes how #VMAs treated Black artists the entire night...


Nia Langley✨ on Twitter

Aretha Franklin's Tribute at the #VMAs: 1. Madonna talks about herself, at length, with Aretha as a footnote. 2. "Respect" is played at the very end. 3. A photo of Aretha with "1942-2018." Bro, what? Disrespectful.

Michele DeMino on Twitter

Prince is up there telling Aretha she effed my tribute up too!! #Aretha or Madonna https://t.co/AUdiDpOMBN


Britni Danielle on Twitter

Madonna REALLY went out there in her best cultural appropriation outfit to talk about Queen Aretha Franklin? IS THIS REAL LIFE?!?!?!? #VMAS https://t.co/07tA07UoAd


The Root on Twitter

Did Madonna just make Aretha's death about her?! WHERE is Kanye when you need him?! #VMAs https://t.co/3DcDrtPHIb