Dale Earnhardt Jr. Just Made A Heartbreaking Confession

Dale Earnhardt Jr. just opened up about the relationship he had with his father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., when he was younger.

During an interview on In Depth With Graham, Dale revealed that he and his dad were not close when he was a kid.

In fact, the retired race car driver feels as though he often disappointed his dad while growing up.

However, the disappointment went both ways.

As Dale tells it, his father was absent during his graduation, and never attended a sporting event of his.

But, things changed as Dale grew older.

In an effort to get closer to his father, Dale started to race.

It was then that his dad started to pay attention to him and showed an interest in his life.

Now, as a father himself, missing his daughter's graduation or sporting events doesn't even cross his mind.

You can watch the whole interview here:

Dale Earnhardt Jr: I disappointed my dad Dale Sr

Dale Earnhardt Jr. looks back on his rigid upbringing with a father who was focused on racing, tough to impress and absent from Dale Jr.'s childhood events. Dale Jr. says he finally started to connect with his father when he started racing and he noticed his dad mature into a more caring father figure over the years.

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