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circa 1936: A pair of hands holding a coarse scrubbing brush and a bar of Lifebuoy soap. Solarised image. (Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

Due to new ideology that has surfaced, people may want to keep some extra personal space…

An increasing amount of people have stopped bathing with soap because “they don’t want to destroy the naturally protective bacteria on their bodies”. A strong advocate of this movement is a woman known by the name of Sarah Ballantyne, who lives a stone age kind of lifestyle.

The ideology behind not using soap originates from bacteria. The belief is, the human body possesses naturally protective bacteria that is actually healthy. Furthermore, bathing kills all bacteria, good and bad.

But wouldn’t a halt in bathing make you smell worse over time? Wrong.

According to advocate Sarah Ballantyne, over time, our bodies will naturally adjust to the absence of soap.

There’s far more odd and extravagant ideas for healthy lifestyles out there, but this is definitely up there.