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Halloween Tips and Tricks

Ummm...really with the whole umbrella and everything!

Someone is freaking out the neighborhood!

Hey it’s Hollywood Kyle! I just recently saw the IT movies, and apparently so has one of my neighbors. My day became ten times creepier when I saw this in my neighborhood… I saw the storm drain first, and to really set the mood, it was raining just like in the movie! So I really felt like I was about to meet Pennywise. I had seen these small red balloons before during the first week of October on a couple of fire hydrants around the neighborhood, but I didn’t think much of it. Figured someone was throwing a party. But with just days until Halloween there’s been more and more of these red balloons popping up all over my neighborhood! I don’t know whether to be afraid or be happy someone’s getting festive. Have you seen any red balloons in your area?

Be Aware Of What These Candies Look Like!

Do You Know The Legend of Devil’s Road in Chadds Ford PA?

Enter If You Dare…