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11th August 1958: American labour leader Jimmy Hoffa (1913 - 1975), President of the Teamster's Union, testifying at a hearing investigating labour rackets. Rumoured to have mafia connections, Hoffa disappeared in 1975 and no body has ever been found. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Leader of the Wilmington Division of Teamsters Speaks Up…

The notorious International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union is historically known for running organized crime and corruption throughout the United States. James Riddle Hoffa, whom people believe is buried beneath MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, became the president of the Teamsters in 1957, after Dave Beck, the former leader was convicted of stealing money from the organization. When Jimmy Hoffa rose to power, he already had well-established connections with the mob.  Bobby Kennedy led an investigation through the Senate, acting as chief counsel in order to bring him to justice. Through a life of corruption, money laundering, and countless murders within Wilmington, Delaware County, and Philadelphia, the true stories of Jimmy Hoffa are now being disclosed to the public from the man who killed Hoffa himself, Frank Sheeran. Frank has told all the following secrets to author Charles Brandt, in exchange for a vast amount of money. What’s more important and makes us as the reader to believe Sheeran is that when speaking with Brandt, Sheeran instructed him not to publish the book or tell anybody about it until Sheeran was dead. Because, frankly, if the book was published while Sheeran was still alive, someone would be set out to kill him. The full story can be read in Charles Brandt’s book “I Heard You Paint Houses” (which is a metaphor for spraying the walls with blood from his victims) and it will also be in a brand new movie, The Irishman, starring Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Ray Romano, and more, all directed by Martin Scorsese. Scenes of the movie have even been filmed right here in Wilmington, Delaware. The movie budget sits high at $200 million, but will more than likely make double that within its first week debut.

How Sheeran Gets Involved With Hoffa…

Frank Sheeran was born in Darby, Pennsylvania in 1920 and was the son of an Irish father and Swedish mother. His father, Tom was an amateur boxer and taught Frank at a young age how to fight and protect himself in the rough neighborhood he was growing up in. Sheeran’s father was an actual painter, and even worked on the Ben Franklin Bridge when they built it. On the contrary, although he’s known for “painting houses”, Frank was no painter at all, unless splattering your victims guts on the walls and ceilings count. Frank became such a good fighter, his father would bring him to speakeasys when he was only 10 years old  so that Tom could bet on his son in fights he would often win. When Frank didn’t win, he not only got a beating from his opponent, but also his father. Frank was a delinquent in school and was expelled from Darby High School his freshman year for breaking the principal’s jaw during a disciplinary dispute. After this, Frank enlisted in the Army and was deployed to Europe for World War II. He saw an extensive and awful 400 days of action. He was under command of a brutally violent General and was forced to kill prisoners of war, ambushing food convoys, and obviously in war, killing soldiers.

After the war, Frank returned to Philadelphia and met Russell Bufalino at a truck stop, who ran a northeast Pennsylvania mob. Although he provided muscle for Bufalino at a decent pay rate, he still could not join his mafia because he was an Irishman. Sheeran tells Brandt in an interview, “[Bufalino] saved my life over and over again.” 

Sheeran Becomes Leader of Teamsters Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware

It was through Bufalino that Sheeran met Teamsters President, Jimmy Hoffa. After meeting Hoffa, and with the help from Bufalino, Frank soon became the leader of Teamsters Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware. It was also revealed in 2004 that in the week prior to Election Day of the 1972 United States Senate election in Delaware, Frank was contacted by an inside source to prevent distribution of the Wilmington News Journal in order to sway voters a certain direction. And they did prevent the paper from getting out that day. Rumors have it that James Street Tavern in Newport, Delaware was a hideout for Hoffa and his cronies.

Jimmy Hoffa Wants The Kennedy’s Dead…

James Hoffa served as President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for approximately 14 years before being killed. He was Bobby Kennedy’s main target. In 1964, Hoffa went to prison for 13 years for fraud and bribery. But before completing his sentence, President of the United States, Richard Nixon, gave Hoffa a presidential pardon out of prison. After being pardoned, Hoffa apparently “disappeared”  for 4 – 11 years. Being Kennedy’s main target during his reign as president, Sheeran tells Brandt that Hoffa wanted both John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy dead. According to Sheeran, who did not actively participate in the plot, says the assassination of President Kennedy was a mafia hit, and that he was the man who transported three rifles to the alleged assassins.

Hoffa Needs To Be “Erased”…

Under the pardon of Nixon, Jimmy Hoffa was not allowed to engage in union activities until 1980. Hoffa hated this and had planned to reestablish his dominance in the Teamsters union by moving to Detroit and working where he still maintained influence. Sheeran notes that Hoffa’s intentions were not pleasing to the mafia. The other bosses worried that his ties to Nixon meant he was cooperating with the FBI. So by the summer of 1975, Jimmy Hoffa became the enemy. He was someone who needed to “go away.”

Tired of the rumors about Hoffa’s death, Sheeran was eager to set things straight with the media. So after confessing his sins to a monsignor at St. Dorothy Parish in Drexel Hill, Sheeran decided he’d tell Charles Brandt the truth for the book he’s writing. If Sheeran was not the man who actually did the deed, he at least led him to his death. “Hoffa was murdered in Detroit, loaded into a 55-gallon drum, stuffed into a Gateway Transportation truck and taken to an undisclosed location in New Jersey” says Dan Moldea, veteran investigative journalist.

The Truth Is Out There…

The mafia ran the Teamsters. They were one in the same. If you wanted something done by the Teamsters, you dealt with Hoffa, Bufalino, Sheeran, Allen Dorfman, and all the other mob bosses. Sheeran was Hoffa’s right hand man during all of this, and it makes for an incredible tale. Sheeran was even presented the award of Teamsters Man of the Year at the Teamsters’ “Frank Sheeran Appreciation Night” in October 1974 at the Latin Casino in South Jersey. He was also given a pure gold encrusted watch covered with diamonds from Jimmy Hoffa himself. Whether Hoffa was murdered and buried under the MetLife Stadium, or was incinerated as Frank tells it, either way, Hoffa’s right hand man was the same man who ended his life.



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