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Let’s Talk Turkey

(Photo by Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images)

1. Pass Around A Journal

Make an imprint in your family history that can be passed down through generations, powered entirely by thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving day, pass around a journal to all members of your family, this way you get a name from everybody who attended your Thanksgiving dinner and also something you can all relate to and just take a moment to say thank you. Whether it be one word, one sentence, one paragraph, or one page, just make sure everyone writes at least something and signs their name (or you can keep it anonymous, whichever you choose.)

2. Volunteer

Want to make sure that you’re not the only one stuffing your face on Thanksgiving? Head to a local soup kitchen, church, retirement home, etc. and just ask if they need some help leading up to, or on the holiday. Giving back warms the heart, which is something we all need during this fall holiday.

3. Kick Off The Holiday Season

Don’t think it’s too early to put up that Christmas tree? What better way to start the holiday season than to put up the tree and all your other decorations after stuffing your face full of turkey! Get the kids in their pajamas early, throw on a movie, and get them to help decorate. Make it a family thing.

4. Leave Room At The Table

Invite someone you’ve never shared Thanksgiving with before to your table this year. And each year that follows, invite one more. Keep it growing until you take up the whole street and it turns into a block party! Nobody’s stopping you, especially on Thanksgiving.

5. Have A Special Breakfast

Pancakes, waffles, omelettes, french toast, bacon, sausage, scrapple. Mmmmm scrapple. The Delaware staple of breakfast meats. Start your Thanksgiving day of food off right with a special breakfast full of warm. buttery, sweet smells, and so much grease on the bacon you fall back asleep until it’s time for turkey.

6. Go For A Walk Or Run As A Family

If the weather calls for it, walking off the calories before putting them on is a great tradition to make of your Thanksgiving. Delaware is blessed with many parks and areas to go for a beautiful autumn walk. There are also tons of local 5K run/walks on Thanksgiving Day that are great for exercise, family bonding, and showing your support in the community. Check out the Local 5K Races in November by clicking here.

7. Thankfulness Guessing Game

Thanks to Reddit, a “What You’re Thankful For” holiday guessing game has arrived and gained some popularity. For full rules click here.