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Focus on the Delaware Valley, with Lora Lewis

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David Morris, Executive Director of the American Heart and Stroke Association Delaware Download

00:29 Download January 24th

David Morris, Executive Director of the American Heart and Stroke Association Delaware, discussed the work of the association, its research, services and its advocacy to fight the number 1 killer in the US, Delaware and the world.   We talked the causes of cardio vascular disease, 20% genetics, race and ethnicity, and 80% bad habits, smoking, high BMI, and lack of exercise.  He discussed the 20%, noting that Hispanic women and African American women have far greater incidents of CVD.   We spoke about the health care disparity for women in general, there is racial and gender bias in the system, and we discussed the AHA’s work to get more girls into STEM and more women into the medical and research fields.  David gave us the warning signs for women, including jaw pain and nausea, and told women to seek help immediately.   He also reminded us of the signs of Stroke – FAST, Facial drooping, arm paralysis, slurred speech equals time to call for help.  We wrapped with a look at their advocacy successes, T21 raising the age to buy tobacco product, the Healthy Kids Meal mandate that milk, water or 100% fruit juice be the default on children’s menu meals, and the million dollar grant they just received to study social health determinants.  He asked us to remember three big dates, February 7th, wear red for women and post and tag your pictures, February 22, the Heart Ball Wilmington, and March 7th, their STEM conference for girls.

For more information about events, healthy tips to reduce your risk and for volunteer opportunities go to HEART.ORG/Delaware


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