March 31, The Mental Health Association in Delaware

Jennifer Seo, Deputy Director, and Elizabeth Davis, Associate Community Educator, from the Mental Health Association in Delaware discussed their work, raising awareness of promoting mental heath and bringing awareness to the prevention of suicide.   We discussed how to maintain 'good' mental health with coping strategies, the warning signs of a developing disorder, including sleeping too much or too little, a change in appetite, disinterest in family or friends and that you can and should seek help when you feel yous quality of life has changed.  They noted that women tend more to be diagnosed with anxiety and depression and we discussed the factors, including 'bias' on the part of doctors thinking women are naturally more emotional and the more willingness to look for help that women express.  They discussed suicide and the warning signs, FACTS, feelings, actions, changes and thoughts, and advised us to start a conversation with friends,  ask how they are doing, if they need help and if they are considering suicide.   We discussed the stigma many feel when admitting to a mental health crisis, yet one in five of us will experience some form of mental illness during our lives, including 'baby blues,' depression, compulsive behaviors or anxiety.

We also spoke about their upcoming 'Erasing the Blues,' their annual fun walk for awareness this year on May 4th at the Dover Boardwalk.  The theme, 'May the Fourth be With You.'   Dress up as your favorite Star Wars character, dress your pets and bring them along, join a team or participate on your own for this fundraiser party.

For more information, go to MHAINDE.ORG , call 800-273-TALK for 24/7 help or text 741741.  Remember, if there is immediate danger to you or a friend, call 911.