Sandy Spence, Advocacy Chair, The League of Women Voters of Delaware

As we near the 2020 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Sandy Spence, Advocacy Chair of The League of Women Voters of Delaware discussed the history of the group, to educate new voters on government, civics and elections, and how they have changed to support voter education and franchise rights.  She discussed Delaware's voter registration rate and participation - ahead of most of the US - and the safety of its voting system, with new technology and paper accountability in the coming years.   We spoke about who can vote,  including Delaware's inclusion of previous Felons and the incarcerated, the electronic signature registration system and the enrollment of new drivers.  We discussed the upcoming deadlines for voting, registration ends October 13th for the November 6 General Election.  Absentee ballots must be requested before the November 2 deadline for mailing them to voters, although you can request one in person or vote early at your county's Board of Elections.   Prior to the election, she discussed the VOTE411 voter's guide to help voters make their choices.  League volunteers compile this comprehensive guide to polling placers and candidates for each district, with the candidate's submitted positions on the issues.   The guide is free and available for download at and it includes a sample ballot you can print and take with you to the polls.    She wrapped up with information about the advocacy work done by the League and how policy is determined.  She also encouraged membership, it is open to all, men are welcome, and easily done through your local chapter.

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