Women's History Month: Serviam Girls Academy

In this special edition of Peeling the Onion, Schlonn highlights Serviam Girls Academy--an all-girls school serving low-income families in New Castle County. Giving you a glimpse behind the doors, pull up a chair and listen in as Schlonn talks with Sharona Pearson a parent of Serviam and her two daughters, Kassidy and Brittnie, both students of Serviam. Sharona is a single mother who immigrated to the states for a better opportunity and is working hard to provide her daughters with a good education. Kassidy Baptiste and Brittnie Brown share the highs and lows of attending an all-girls school. Also hear how the president and founder of Serviam, Peggy Heins talks about her passion for helping girls and the challenges of building a school from an idea to include serving girls who don't look like her.