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Tyler Kingsley

Tyler Kingsley is a singer/songwriter and the lead singer of the Philadelphia party band, The Rockets.  With local respect as well as national attention, Tyler has been working at the top of the cover band scene since 2016.

With over 250 performance dates per year, Tyler has been fortunate to take his high energy and soaring vocals (as well as guitar and piano skills) to some of the largest and most respected venues on the east coast.  The Rockets continue to serve as the official Philadelphia Eagle's live entertainment each season and one of the main attractions at Penn State's THON philanthropy every year.

Tyler's wide variety of musical interests catapulted him to the top of the working circuit at age 21.  Founding member of pop-rock ensemble, Could've Been Kings, Tyler has extensive experience writing, producing and performng his own music.  With his own songwriting company in development, Tyler continues to grow as writer and performer with every show!