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Mental Health Association

Broadcast on August 12, 2018 Emily Vera, Executive Director of the Mental Health Association in Delaware discussed it mission, to promote improved mental well-being for all individuals and families in Delaware through education, support and advocacy and to improve the community’s understanding of mental health and the mind-body connection between mental and physical health. She…
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Kevin Smith, Ex Dir of Habitat for Humanity New Castle County

Broadcast on August 26 Kevin Smith, Executive Director of Habitat For Humanity of New Castle County, discussed the organization, a non-denominational faith-based group seeking to place low income families into homes and preserve existing neighborhoods and communities.  We discussed the lack of affordable housing for families within the area, and the amount of sub-standard homes. …
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Meals on Wheels Delaware

From Meals on Wheels Delaware guest Jennifer Halliday, Marketing and Design Coordinator, discussed the agency which provides the funding for five area meal delivery services, she spoke on the need for the services with causes including poverty and isolation within Delaware's senior population.  She spoke on the independence that Meals on Wheels's partner give their…
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Rotary Club

Guests Russ DeFuria, Lisa Leonard and Matt Breidenstein of Rotary Russ DeFuria, Lisa Leonard and Matt Breidenstein discussed Rotary, an international fraternal organization.  They covered its 1905 founding by a Chicago businessman looking to find friends, to a service-based international organization with members in over 200 countries and regions, from a men-only in business-attire to…
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Sandy Spence, Advocacy Chair, The League of Women Voters of Delaware

As we near the 2020 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Sandy Spence, Advocacy Chair of The League of Women Voters of Delaware discussed the history of the group, to educate new voters on government, civics and elections, and how they have changed to support voter education and franchise rights.  She discussed Delaware's voter registration rate…
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David Morris, Executive Director of the American Heart Association Delaware

David Morris, Ex. Director of the American Heart Association Delaware, shared the results of a recent study of the First State's health numbers and the news wasn't good - Delaware residents are smoking more, weigh more, have higher cholesterol levels and higher risk of diabetes than the rest of the country.  The good news, through…
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