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After attending a Youth for Human Rights Summit with her son at UCLA in 2007, Ellen’s passion for human rights education began.  She immediately went into action “to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights well known” but more than that, she enables people to do something about it with her simple and effective workshop called Human Rights:  from Education to Action.   For the past 10 years, Ellen has delivered workshops and lectures at schools, churches, corporations, universities, the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and the United Nations Headquarters in NY.  She has a growing list of human rights contacts around the globe.

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Articles 13-15, Freedom to Move - Safe Place to Live - Right to a Nationality

Listen and learn about Articles 13 through 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights featuring an interview with Evans Kwesi Mensah, Business Strategist originally from Ghana. Find out what you should know about these articles and how to apply these rights in your daily life. About Evans Kwesi Mensah
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Special 70th Anniversary Episode

This episode features an interview with Ella Torrey, former Public Information Officer to Eleanor Roosevelt.  On December 10, 1948, Ella Torrey was a young reporter for the Chicago Tribune living in Paris, France and was one of the journalists present at the United Nations' General Assembly meeting the night the Universal Declaration of Human Rights…
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