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Michael & Jessie In The Morning

5:30am - 10:00am


Michael Waite

Throughout pretty much a lifelong radio career, there’s only one job I’ve never really embraced and that’s engineering. “No disrespect to the folks who keep us on the air, but I don’t need to know how this stuff works, I just need it to work when you push the button.”

My career began at home in Gary, Indiana and took me to such exotic places as Fort Wayne, Providence, Boston, Detroit and finally to Delaware.  If you want to see the world, take up a career in radio.

18 of those radio years were spent right here at 99.5, WJBR serving as General Manager, Program Director, Vice President of Operations, morning show host and afternoons. I took a seven-year sabbatical to serve as Director of Marketing & Community Relations for Blood Bank of Delmarva.  But, radio is in my blood (pardon the pun), which is why I’m delighted to be back and teamed up with Jessie Micchelli for the morning show.

When not on the air, I work with the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, the American Heart Association, the Salvation Army and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce.

My wife Kathy and I live in North Wilmington and have two sons, Matthew and Jonathan, the fathers of the aforementioned grandkids.

“5 things about me that most people don’t know”

  1. I’m a Gemini on the cusp of Taurus…whatever that means!
  2. I am a horrible golfer but still love to play and simply frustrate myself.
  3. I like to cook when I have the time…not gourmet, just the simple stuff.
  4. I was never a “beach guy” till we moved to Delaware…now I can’t get enough of it.
  5. As much of an open book as my life is on-air, I’m basically a very private person.



Jessie Micchelli

Hi there, I’m so excited to spend weekday mornings with you on the New Mix 99.5! I started in radio about five years as a college student at West Chester University. When I graduated, I was on the air in North Carolina. I moved to Delaware about three years ago and I love it here! When I’m not on the air, I’m running in the park or teaching yoga and barre classes throughout the greater Wilmington area.

“5 things about me that most people don’t know”

  1. I teach yoga and barre classes throughout the Greater Wilmington Area and would love to see you in class one day!
  2. I just adopted a senior dog named Minnie. She’s a twelve year old ‘floof.’ This is my second senior dog. I just love their sweetness and charm.
  3. I’m a huge Beatles nerd. I have the box set and tons of books about their history. George Harrison is my favorite.
  4. I’m a proud West Chester Alum. Go Rams! I was the program director of WCUR (West Chester University Radio) during my college years.
  5. My guilty pleasures include bad reality TV and cheap wine!